Michael graduated from New England Culinary Institute in 2001. He moved to Las Vegas and found a job at the Four Seasons hotel. There he worked his way up the ladder in the pastry shop where he was taken under Executive Pastry Chef Jean Luc Daul's wing. He received a lot of experience, from homemade croissants to chocolate work, sugar pieces, plated desserts along with wedding cakes.

Michael and Bonnie Bonnie has worked in the pastry field since she was 16 years old. After high school she went to the Culinary Institute of America where she received a degree in Baking and Pastry. While attending the CIA, she did her externship at Park Avenue Café in NYC. After graduation she moved to Las Vegas where she got a job at Picassos restaurant in the Bellagio hotel. After working there for a year she moved on to the MGM hotel where she worked at Nob Hill restaurant. In 2003 she landed a job at the Four Seasons Hotel where she received a lot of experience with chocolate work, sugar show pieces and wedding cakes.

Michael and Bonnie both moved to Vegas in 2001 but didn't meet until 2003 at the Four Seasons where they started their pastry magic making wedding cakes and desserts. While working there Michael and Bonnie had the chance to help make Leah Remini (from King of Queens) wedding cake and also Vince Neil (from Motley Crews) cake as well.

Having Both lived in Vegas for 4 years, they missed the east coast. So in August 2005 Michael and Bonnie moved to Boston, where they both worked at the Langham hotel, which is most known for its decadent chocolate bar.

Now settled in New Hampshire Michael and Bonnie have decided to start there own business making Luxury cakes at an affordable price. Together they have made cakes of all kinds, so whatever you have in mind they are up for the challenge.