Welcome to fake wedding cakes and more. We are based out of New Hampshire, specializing in artificial wedding cakes and customized all occasion cakes (made of real cake).

Pi2 Wedding CakesWhy do a fake wedding cake you ask? Well first off, cakes now a days cost so much money and why pay more for a luxury wedding cake if you don't have to. Getting a fake cake gives you the opportunity to have the cake of your dreams at an affordable price. Second of all, a fake cake is guaranteed not to lean like most cakes do after sitting out at room temperature all day. Another benefit is, if you choose to purchase the real sheet cakes in addition to your fake cake, you and your guest will receive a fresher more uniform slice of cake because the sheet cakes have been under refrigeration all day. So why not save money with a fake cake and spend more on your honeymoon.

All Occaison CakesWe offer many different options when it comes to your cake. You can have anything from an imitation Martha Stewart cake to a customized cake with your own personal touches. Fake cakes are made entirely of Styrofoam making delivery easy. When it comes to the bride and groom cutting the cake, there is a wedge of real cake on the bottom tier for you to cut into. Therefore no one will know the difference. We also provide a complimentary cake top for you to enjoy for your one year anniversary as a gift from us.

Not getting married? We also do customized all occasion cakes. Unlike the fake wedding cakes, these are made of real cake. We can do anything from your favorite car to your favorite pocketbook, the options are endless.